Ever heard of telomeres before? If not, here’s why you need to know all about them – they are at the forefront of the new war on aging!

In fact, many experts believe telomeres could be the key to maintaining a more youthful appearance.

So what are telomeres?

Telomeres are stretches of DNA that are located at the end of our chromosomes where they are responsible for protecting genetic data and helping cells divide.

Many scientists believe they also hold secrets as to how we age and how we die.

Telomeres … the New "Aglets"?

Telomeres have been compared by some to the plastic tips on shoelaces (which are called aglets) because they are located at the ends of our chromosomes, which they keep from "fraying" and sticking to each other.

Unfortunately, each time a cell divides the telomeres get shorter until eventually they get so short that cells can no longer divide and they die.

It's this shortening and dying process that results in many of the visible signs of aging such as wrinkles, age spots, sagging skin and more.

But what if you could help protect the telomeres so that they are able to perform their jobs longer? The result would be that you visibly correct signs of aging and look much younger longer!

Well, that’s exactly what our new Telomere DNA Cell Cream is designed to do!

Welcome to the Future …

Telomere DNA Cell Cream is a highly advanced formula designed to correct all signs of skin aging by promoting the skin's natural protection and repair factors involved in detoxification, anti-stress, telomere maintenance and DNA repair.

This cream uniquely attacks the aging process where it begins – at the cellular level within the DNA.

It’s here that telomeres, which are part of the DNA structure, grow shorter as cells replicate, and as they shorten, cells (in particular, skin cells) begin to enter "senescense," or an aging state, which produces wrinkles.

In addition, factors such as free radicals, lack of moisture, stress, and toxins damage the DNA of skin cells. This also contributes to the creation of wrinkles.

Telomere DNA Cell Cream works to prevent the senescence of cells by enhancing cell function and by improving the quality of the tissue.

This extends the youth span of the skin and reduces all visible signs of aging, not just wrinkles.

Following only a few weeks of treatment with Telomere DNA Cell Cream, clinical studies have demonstrated a sharp reversal of the skin's aging process!

Here Are Just Some of the Benefits You’ll Experience with Telomere DNA Cell Cream

Ingredients Found in Telomere DNA Cell Cream Include Ground-Breaking Renovage™!

Clinical tests have shown Renovage™ regenerates between 75% and 100% of your skin at its cellular level by removing accumulated toxins which can result in sunspots, redness, enlarged pores and wrinkles.

Renovage also promotes wound healing and reduces scarring.

Telomere DNA Cell Cream also contains:

These ingredients act together to correct signs of aging and make your skin look younger and healthier by eliminating free radicals, toxins and stress from the body and by helping the skin retain more moisture.

It’s Time to Tackle the Signs of Aging in a New & Innovative Way!

Only Telomere DNA Cell Cream reverses the imminent symptoms of rapid aging by preventing the shortening of your skin’s telomeres through progressive DNA repair.

This action basically slows down the natural dying of your skin cells as you age!

We hope you’ll consider trying Telomere DNA Cell Cream as we sincerely believe that this cream can benefit you by correcting the signs of aging and making your skin much softer and smoother!
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