Delfogo Cosmetics features the latest advancements in scientific skin care and anti-aging technology.  Our skin care product offerings have been carefully designed by an in-house team of highly regarded cosmetic pharmacists. We have developed exclusive formulas to help both men and women of all skin types and tones look their best.  Our offerings include a wide range of daily maintenance productsto help promote and maintain healthy skin vitality.  Most notably, our award-winning Marquee line of anti-aging products has been universally heralded for its ability to correct years of skin damage and effectively reverse the signs of aging. This unique line of skin care products contains the highest concentration of cosmeceutical peptides available from our world class research partners located in the United States, France, Germany and Switzerland. 

If you suffer from sensitive skin, we have a solution for you.  Our Natural line is completely hypo-allergenic and guaranteed to not irritate even the most sensitive skin types. Delfogo skin products are therapeutic by design and provide a long term success story in treating skin conditions while working directly at the skin’s dermis to promote a  youthful glow.  Beautiful skin does not appear overnight, but we offer skin care solutions that work on all skin conditions and signs of aging. We assure you that any skin condition that you suffer from can be overcome through time and persistence.  The majority of our loyal customers appreciate the consultative approach that we take towards skin care. We pride ourselves in helping you learn as much as possible about our products and encourage you to contact our highly trained skin care professionals for a free consultation. 

A subsidiary of Skin Pro International, all Delfogo skin care & anti aging products are designed and manufactured in an FDA and GMP licensed laboratory that is routinely inspected by the State of Florida Health Department and Department of Agriculture. We believe strongly in conducting human clinical trials. Accordingly, no products or ingredients used in Delfogo skin care products are ever tested on animals. Delfogo Cosmetics is a chartered member of the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine. The chairman of this organization is Dr. Robert M. Goldman MD. The Academy has certified over 26,000 physician practitioners worldwide. We aim to maintain exclusive retail product distribution both online and through this extensive anti-aging medical network.